Thursday, October 21, 2010

The case of the missing ear ring:

If I had lost my ear ring, I would have hope that I would definitely find it. I would then keep this one safely until I found the other one. It would be a happy reunion! I love to wear and display my ear rings. I never loved anything was real gold, silver, or diamonds. But the ear rings that I buy like crazy on street corners are my most cherished possessions. I bought this lovely pair from my favorite store, Sam Moon. They are a beautiful gold with a lone pearl sitting in it. It looks like a piece of modern art. I wear it on dresses that I feel complements the ear rings. Then one fateful evening, as I was removing the earring, it fell right inside the gaping wash basin. I know it's still right there, in the middle of the pipe, but I can't retrieve it. I ran to my husband with pleading eyes, but alas, he couldn't care less about the lost ear ring.

I now have only one of those, looking very beautiful and yet so lonely. It is a shame to waste my lone ear ring. Sam Moon has increased the prices of all its wares, so like before, I do not barge into the store to buy my wares. I wait only for that special occasion  where I feel that I should truly reward myself. The with $50 in my hands, I proudly head into the store. Heading into the store is a whole big story in itself which deserves it's own post.

For now, I feel sorry for the lone ear ring. I will look through my videos and pictures to see if I have at least saved it's image on my face. There is pain, but not from my deep guts because it's just a fake. Imagine if I had dropped a real diamond in there! What a horror story that would have turned into. That is one main reason I stay far away from the real deal, but as a woman, I cannot help but appreciate and want jewelry. I don't like all types of jewelry, but the ear rings, they define my face and make me look really fine.

So that is the story of the lost ear ring.


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