Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cute Kitties:

Pictures Courtesy of Abby Moon.

I have always been fascinated by puppies and kittens. My dad had bought a little dog and cat book when I was still a toddler and there are several storeis whereupon I have spent hours and hours staring at those pics. These kittens are way too cute and kissable and cuddlable.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A moment in the sun

There are times you want to be yourself, not a mom, not a wife, not a friend or daughter......just collecting yourself, an appointment with oneself, a moment of reflection, a moment of being so lost and engrossed in deep and sweet thoughts. My husband captured my moment of self reflection in my lovely rose garden.

One of my favorite Movies

In the recent times, there have been a bunch of new movies that I watched. I liked them as I was watching it, but then totally forgot about it later on. That was the impact of most movies that I saw. And then came along Julie and Julia. I had just started blogging my recipes and was finding it really difficult as I'm no tech buff. I always admired Meryl Streep. She is so beautiful and charming. I'm not sure if she has any plastic surgery done, but she looks 'normal' and 'real' to me in these 'hi plastic' times.

Julie and Julia was a breath of fresh air. I really loved the movie. Both the female characters were awesome. Meryl Streep, however; took the cake. I particularly loved the bond her character Julia Child shares with her husband Paul Child. There is no age for romance and love. It is a really deep, emotional feeling. This movie did a wonderful job of  portraying that.

My husband and I really enjoyed this movie immensely. We were cozily tucked away on the big chair sharing a single blanket between us. We had finished dinner alost a couple of hours earlier. Huddled together, we enjoyed hot tea and snacks while my children were happily in dreamland. Guess what I made the next day, Chocolate Mousse!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Comic Strip Scene From A Real Party:

This picture is from a party we had attended. The food was served in the garage which was connected to the backyard. The breeze was cool and pleasant. I don't know how hubbyji used his camera to create such a lovely comic strip scene of people there. I'm in the dark green sari right behind the girl holding a plastic bag. Bet you would never know it was me!

My Hubby's Cooking:

Guess my husband got inspired by all my cooking videos. He decided to make a Potato curry, dry style, his own way, and also give me a day off. The lovely curry turned out so awesome, it was all gobbled up right after the pics were taken. We ate it with hot rotis. My husband can be an awesome cook if her desires to.

Cockroach at a Pizza Joint

We were to pick up five cheese Pizzas for a birthday party on our way. After we picked up the pizzas and simply heading toward the door, guess what we saw? Well, we did not tell anybody at the party, but were just surprised.

Fresh Organic Green Chilies From My Garden

There is such a pleasure  in eating something freshly plucked from the garden. These few chilies, though terribly hot, were all gone in no time. A friend of ours who loves chilies just vanished them in a jiffy when he had come over for dinner.

The Irresistible Cloud

We saw these clouds as we were running out on some errands. Hubbyji had to stop in the middle of the road and start taking these pictures. The cloud was so massive and so unusual. It was white and fluffy and then instantaneously changed colors. Passerby's and people who saw my hubby just stopped their car right in the middle of the street and started clicking away.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The case of the missing ear ring:

If I had lost my ear ring, I would have hope that I would definitely find it. I would then keep this one safely until I found the other one. It would be a happy reunion! I love to wear and display my ear rings. I never loved anything was real gold, silver, or diamonds. But the ear rings that I buy like crazy on street corners are my most cherished possessions. I bought this lovely pair from my favorite store, Sam Moon. They are a beautiful gold with a lone pearl sitting in it. It looks like a piece of modern art. I wear it on dresses that I feel complements the ear rings. Then one fateful evening, as I was removing the earring, it fell right inside the gaping wash basin. I know it's still right there, in the middle of the pipe, but I can't retrieve it. I ran to my husband with pleading eyes, but alas, he couldn't care less about the lost ear ring.

I now have only one of those, looking very beautiful and yet so lonely. It is a shame to waste my lone ear ring. Sam Moon has increased the prices of all its wares, so like before, I do not barge into the store to buy my wares. I wait only for that special occasion  where I feel that I should truly reward myself. The with $50 in my hands, I proudly head into the store. Heading into the store is a whole big story in itself which deserves it's own post.

For now, I feel sorry for the lone ear ring. I will look through my videos and pictures to see if I have at least saved it's image on my face. There is pain, but not from my deep guts because it's just a fake. Imagine if I had dropped a real diamond in there! What a horror story that would have turned into. That is one main reason I stay far away from the real deal, but as a woman, I cannot help but appreciate and want jewelry. I don't like all types of jewelry, but the ear rings, they define my face and make me look really fine.

So that is the story of the lost ear ring.


Aum Ganeshaya Namaha

Om Vigneshwaraya Namaha! I start this blog with your blessings.